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In 2021, Frank Ocean announced the launch of Homer, an “American luxury company,” whose first collection comprises fine and high-end jewellery pieces. The pieces are handcrafted using 18K gold, recycled sterling silver, hand-painted enamel and American lab-grown diamonds — which are a more ethical alternative to mined diamonds. The intricate bracelets, chains, diamond-encrusted rings, and even tongue rings, are all handmade in Italy.

When asked about the name ‘Homer’, Frank stated “Mostly because it’s five letters and the dotcom was available,” he says. “But also because Homer is considered the father of history and history is meant to endure – the same as diamonds and gold – and I know Homer used papyrus, but I’ve always liked the idea of carving history into stone.”

As for the inspiration behind the first batch of Homer designs, Frank cites “childhood obsessions” and “heritage as a fantasy,” which can be felt in the dice-shaped earrings, as well as whimsical cartoonish pendants in colours like “soba,” “cadmium red” and “canary.” They come to life and are on full display in a colourful catalogue photographed by Frank, himself, and frequent collaborator Tyrone Lebon. 

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